Singles, Doubles, and Home Runs


“The Bull Climbs the Stairs

but the Bear jumps out the Window”

In a corrective market, we take stop outs and try short side one more time. Ferocious rallies are meant to knock shorts out of position before resuming the waterfall.

Trader Talk

RT @AnthonyCrudele We all have strategies we’re looking at trying to see what could happen next,but when it gets this busy I simplify everything. Two things are imp to me tomorrow How the S&P Cash trades around unchanged for the year – 2673 How the Bond market reacts if #ES_F continues to selloff

Mr Softee Keep it simple. Leaders have not been leading lately #EMWS NQ joined the party today Its raining

Dangerous market , especially for traders who have never seen corrections #EMWS bull climbs the stairs but the bear jumps out the window

3:49 PM E 69 is s2 15 min globex and 5rth umbrella pretty picture we dont catch a falling knife 2666.25 is wt4. cover if day trader 2666.25 3:56 E 100 point trade from yest ends at 55 #EMWS the correction continues

3:20 E and zeek’s idea test 2675.25 is next important idea 3:23 E predictive model xx base is 2675.75 #EMWS done, any low available avoid trouble

1:38 E 88.5 to 85 targets potential by tomorrow 2:26 E be careful of any new low that bounces into close, just like the boyz to test 88/85 later and then bounce dont get caught #EMWS targets achieved 1:54 E longs need to bust 10.5 to 12.5 (resistance held) Bingo

No one “knows” until hindsight, agreed. looks like reauctioning yesterday’s move

7:00 E looks like bucket shop close 7:10 E seems the market makes headway by squeezing rather than a need to be long 8:20 E: yes really challenging market 8:21 E lets look at 45 as pivot #EMWS 1:37 E and hope to test 96.5 and 92 by eod 1:54 E longs need to bust 10.5 to 12.5

1:09 PM E: 96.5 support #EMWS

We weren’t making new lows at this time yesterday, we were ripping higher

11:24 E that makes 30 as middle resistance Angels and Demons #EMWS plan is range trade inside day

Know (Educated Guess) when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em

7:35 AM E ok pfs 38 trail for more 7:59 AM E get gap make sure paid, hard to trust the boyz #EMWS

7:15 E so bias is try for 35/38 retest break #EMWS get on the scoreboard in the first inning if we can

Nicolas, A waterfall is as it sounds, over a cliff and splash down. The sllingshot is a ferocious rally that is typical in corrective markets when major support is found. Breaking the IB high triggered a reversal, and note the symmetry in the RTH range. Now let’s play Ball…


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