stealing money from the market

Steal money from the market.

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After Twenty + years analyzing markets, E reads the tape as well as anyone.

He fits the day trade sequences inside swing and position trading trends.

This chart was already acknowledged as possible, and when price got to his 10 to 12 target this week, he reminded traders of that as a 40% pullback. Key off 12 as support he told his traders.

His minimum bounce expected was to 24, and possibly 26 to 28. When 28 was broken, he suggested the low was in, and price would now try and achieve 34+.

The next sequence target became 28 support, and the upside resistance target now was 47.

Range trade sequences were called with the theme theta burn for options expiration, and E continued suggesting hit bounces on Friday for testing 34. If 34 breaks, the door is open for testing any low, including 28.

Close shorts by 29.25 he advised.


Would you like to be able to read the market like this?

NQ Bounce coming

NQ Undercut low


Emini-SP Market Structure

Emini-SP Megaphone Pattern already understood








ES Fibo Target

ES has reversed

ES Trade Logic

ES Target achieved


Watch as E guides traders with risk and reward commentary as the market patterns emerge.

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