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Open House For Open Minds

A few notes for those of you who have already registered for next week’s Open House.

Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to see the incredible benefits of the Emini wizard System in action. The two hour sessions start promptly at 9:15 EST September 4-7.

I will be sharing proprietary methods and ideas and ask of you only a few things in return:

  • Keep an open mind, try to imagine if this is a simple methodology you can use
  • Tell others you know who may have interest
  • Trade only with a simulator, not real money as we “read the tape”.
  • See the synergy and power of keeping things simple
  • Jot down your notes about important ideas to catch “pieces of the moves”.
  • Observe the simplicity of using a consistent approach with The E-widget
  • We expect the ideas we share will be kept confidential. They are my personal gift to you.
  • Be respectful of others. No political rants please.

We will use a slack room as our home base 24/7. Click the button to take you there.

We will also use a live video room and the link for that will be shared from the slack room.

Please try to log into the slack room prior to Tuesday so we may resolve any issues you may have gaining access.

You are welcome to post your notes and share ideas. I suggest your focus should be understanding how this information can perhaps make you a better trader by adding it to what you already know.

We will use the E-mini SP to teach the ideas, but this methodology is relevant for other trading vehicles as well.

This is an educational seminar, please avoid posting “your trades”. Zeek and I have traded together for 15 years and have never felt the need to impress each other or anyone else by making boastful claims..

We will focus on trading ideas and not hammer you with commercials. Get in touch with if you have further interest in any of our products or services.

Finally, a requirement for attending our Open House is that you acknowledge and agree to our terms of service and disclaimer as posted on our site, and also agree to non-disclosure of the information provided.

Best regards for a great weekend and here’s to Keeping it simple.


Whatever you trade, and whatever your trading style,

The E-widget has you covered.

Save Time and Take Control

  • Perfect for Self-managed Traders and Investors

  • Large or small, visually see each part of your portfolio

  • Due Diligence on Investment recommendations

  • Simple: Avoid paralysis by Analysis

  • Personalized: Choose your own Ideas

  • Effective: Remove Emotions from decision-making

Fear of Failure


“FEAR has two meanings:

Forget Everything and Run


Face Everything and Rise

It’s your call which path you choose.”

-Tony Delmercado of Hawke Media

Thanks to my daughter Ali for passing along this wonderful mindset.

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