Prey Time

HOPE is not a Strategy

Hidden Pivot

9:08 E 33.5 hidden pivot today


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Uncommon Sense

7:36 AM E if had good day yesterday relax find 1 decent trade and practice putting
7:50 AM E 2 way day, assumption is inside day

4:34 E 94 is next resist and reminder 92.5, this is meant to kill shorty
always be ahead of the crowd with analysis, not hindsight. play option or try scalp short later if nice profits not worried about taking cheap shot. bye now #EMWS

Who can remember?

The funny thing is the no pullback crowd keeps mocking bears as if nothing has happened. Relief rally or more, we won’t know until hindsight.

High noon with Gary Cooper or any of Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns will do.

11:19 E first of month bias coming up protect yourself from getting sloppy, don’t assume this leg down can go without a few bounce days in a row for a screamer that holds

11:54 AM use 89 stop today shorts obviously longs paid by 75 and above is good fortune 12:07 E so = 83 possible idea if inchworm keeps crawling higher #EMWS

choose to heal, not to hurt.
To forgive, not to despise.
To persevere, not to quit…
To smile, not to frown,
and to love, not to hate.
Life is a wonderful gift.
Live a Life that matters…

Take Time out to breathe, relax, and manage stress

2:33 PM E shorts relax don’t try too hard right now, timing for longs 2:53 PM E boyz right on time #EMWS #EMWS 1:33 PM E pay day 43/41 below 41 is a gift from the gods 11:58 E i still think we can take out 75 just because Boyz are hoping to bust position players stops

12:59 PM E neckline finally broke neckline was too steep
thought we could bust 55 but wasnt easy 45.75 low gotta go or not yet umbrella pattern under 59 1:33 PM E pay day 43/41 below 41 is a gift from the gods #EMWS

10:39 E should make sure get paid 55/54 trail only 10:45 E pfs by 45 , 46 angel 11:29 E 11:29 E longs second thrust is key #EMWS

7:20 PM yesterday E the 68/72 retest is the final key to the bounce puzzle #EMWS we advised any longs on trailers paid by 72, and shorts use 80 stop for 72/75 entry zone

7:53 AM E 32.25 yes angel 9:08 E 33.5 hidden pivot today 9:14 AM E paid for sure by 33.5 #EMWS Mike Tyson uppercut works on aggressive traders who think just close eyes and short

7:33 AM E good morning range trade 62 resistance for now for MATD gap trade #EMWS keep it simple

7:18 PM E anyone who is playing tonight there are two more significant retests
55.25 is first, then 60/62 retest 7:20 PM E the xx retest is the final key to the bounce puzzle #EMWS #EMWS Always simple, never easy

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Saber Rattling and Oil

“On July 22, Rouhani spoke out in rare bellicose terms more often heard from Iran’s Supreme Leader. “Mr. Trump, do not play with the lion’s tail, this will only lead to regret,” Rouhani said, according to the state-run news agency IRNA. “America must understand that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace and war with Iran is the mother of all wars.” That triggered Trump’s all-caps tweet the same day: “Never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.”

Angels and Demons

The Professional Edge

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