Mirror Day

Why Not?

Sneak Peek by Zeek

1:25 PM Zeek don’t forget 48 and xx for last hour
I think there may be a lot of longs giving up last hour today 

Thinking Out Loud

4:14 E only thing it didn’t do is take out both sides like i said might happen
2748.25 angel 4:17 Zeek still have half an hour for that #EMWS Bingo test

1:45 E dont get careless can easily bust stops and still reverse to short side
2:03 Zeek time to fire up the stock chipper 3:03 E best odds is get paid if long, nibble short if have profits willing to risk ow.ly/Pya230mf9V1 #EMWS

3:22 E if got mirror today it would plunge last hour. skeptical here of that,
could happen so if buy drop losers and dont average in #EMWS 48.25 angel test, 62 break was key ow.ly/P9gz30mf99W

Protect Profits Time, if any ow.ly/lMfw30mf5JC #EMWS

the key to trading is adopting a mindset of catching parts of the swings when right, accepting gut punches, and treating this like a business. wac a mole day playing out. demon has moved several times, angel not once. 1:13 E wac a mole pattern hh and hl

2:06 E if try short side may need several entries need to bust that 62 area #EMWS

Pay attention to Bogey’s ow.ly/BNg530mf1V4 #EMWS

10:44 Zeek Friday inside day of Thursday’s range, Today is inside of Friday’s range #EMWS Triple inside days mean be conservative with expectations as we consolidate

Know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em ow.ly/uvXI30meU2L we will leave chips on the table, miss trades, and get stopped out. All part of the game if we play it. #EMWS just like basketball, we are not going to make every shot we take

10:21 AM E 51.25 bottom of pipe in xxx so i think 50/52 nice target if had trailer
see last chart i posted #EMWS 10:32 E and if i can guess range within 2 to 5 points thats about as good as i can do 11:30 AM pfs by 78 t1 if long

9:35 E 2 points risk for that short, keep it simple #EMWS 9:53 E i would like to see 50 retested today. 55 comes first however we slice it ow.ly/inEs30meJfK

12 year old George was on fire, 28 points yesterday. Talented, but he has worked for it. I remember shooting hoops with him a few years ago outside for over an hour in 30 degrees . Passion wins the day, love what we do #EMWS


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Go For It George!

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George is a motor genius who is coachable. A few weeks ago I suggested two things would help him pick up his game. The first: Shot selection. I reminded him it was easier to score closer to the basket than from three point land. I noted he was getting lots of opportunities on the left side, but missing his layups. “Keep running to the hoop and let your momentum elevate you as you develop the ability to score with your left hand.” He made it look easy, knocked in four or five easy left hand layups.

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