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Cruising Altitude Achieved

Cruising Altitude

3:39 E longs tighten stops above 38 good fortune now for that 42.5 gap #EMWS

I would like to add a few new traders to my “friends to follow” list for E-mini SP, hasn’t been updated in awhile. Suggestions appreciated to help the newer traders shorten the learning curve by finding balanced traders #EMWS

3:17 E 2722 wont break in next hour if does i will be surprised #EMWS agg support for EOD on trapped shorts

8:10 AM Zeek remember our rule about it never being about one trade #EMWS A real pro. Catch pieces of the moves, Fortunate to get it right? Lock some profits. Allow trailers to run to next expected resistance zone or rebuy pullbacks

mission accomplished, aligning with the squeeze made more sense than trying to guess a short ow.ly/l6JH30mMWKi #EMWS Simple but not easy trailers past 32

Risk reward time coming in, 2732 NRO by EOD , risk reward resistance target ow.ly/I08u30mMTom #EMWS E-widget makes analysis easier step by step. Santa has wings

#EMWS advised longs paid by 2722 to 2725 can go any high in spike , but these are logical extreme targets

A big thanks to Zeek for his understanding of important news events that affect our trading. ow.ly/ij5030mMO09 #EMWS 8:09 Zeek Jerome Powell speaking at NY Economic club at 12:00 today Our plan: expect profit taking by longs ahead of news, range trade. Sidelines for news

7:19 E first things first, 2698.25 resistance #EMWS 10:13 E 86.75 is retest yest high, paid by 84 gap fill, using 82 support still for profit taking 09:41 AM1 ticaway charlie

Deli, You really are high maintenance 😂

Cruising altitude now ow.ly/zlQG30mMyqX #EMWS 7:29 E if played long side position or swing, tighten up stops, if played options cash some in. Pay attention to supports in this bounce

Free Education:
Start due diligence here, read a few posts, watch a few videos taken in real time , see if it makes sense for you ow.ly/oGlV30mMfpl #EMWS 1:28 E 64 floor right now holding tight, propped up ow.ly/Jzfq30mMfvv

Yes, slack room 24/7 but they give me time off for good behavior 🙂 Also do live zoom room in the morning where we focus on day/swing/ position ideas

2:26 E if we take out 84, reminder 87.5/88 as next idea for resistance #EMWS Next: 456 Step by Step. Latest Post: Airborne ow.ly/4EvA30mMddf

Higher high and higher low and day 2 of bounce noted. Monthlies taking profits we thought and last to leave loses. Nice plan if 72 can be held. Thanks for sharing your ideas FT71

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“I love seeing your stuff still.”

-Brian  11/28/18


I think about myself as like an ocean liner that’s been going full speed for a long distance, and the captain pulls the throttle back all the way to ‘stop,’ but the ship doesn’t stop immediately, does it? It has its own momentum and it keeps on going, and I’m very flattered that people are still finding me useful.

-Leonard Nimoy

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