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If you want to be a better trader, seek out the simplest means of discovering price action and reaction. That is Sequence Trading and what I teach through and now for more current posts and analysis.

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Let them eat Cake

Black and White

Civil Unrest and the Inevitable Coup

#EMWS Today’s late day squeeze on trapped shorts was a mirror of Friday’s close $ES_F went further than I expected today with that melt up

@BamaTrader Greenie lost me when he said Only the last buyers get hurt. What about the next door neighbors when those foreclosures roll in?

RT @eminiwizard Big Picture B4 election shorts will want to cover some profits hedge $ES_F The Professional Edge combines years of experience, fundamentals, psychology, technicals, intuition and common sense

@Jersey_Drew I first posted that on Friday before the pop, shorts have already been forced to cover. Now longs need to protect +50 points

@Jersey_Drew A reminder Algos have no emotions, I presume most traders do. #EMWS Yesterday used 2106 as bull bear line, using 2124 for now

HRC’s “Let them eat cake” attitude is why we have become so polarized in this election inmates running the asylum

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I still keep her writings (& awards) she gave me, near me, as a reminder of how one should lead & treat others, 2 be grateful & fair to all
Maryam Zohdi @maryam_zohdi
#توران_میرهادی درگذشت… مادر مهربان و دلسوز ادبیات کودک را از دست دادیم

@HamzeiAnalytics Old school values can be taught to those willing to listen. You did, as anyone who has met you knows.

#EMWS Sequence trading $ES_F forget the fancy stuff and #kiss longs and shorts liquidated

Now we still need to be mindful of last year’s high at 2134. All the hoopla and 10+ months later, not much progress made $ES_F

#EMWS Primary magnet is 2122.25 so PFS by 24 to 22.25 if short $ES_F

@rock_man11 nice post. If we are going to be better traders, we need to be aware of the Generals that control the market $ES_F

Trailers if any Paid for sure by 2118.5 , Primary target $ES_F

@AnthonyCrudele similar zones for me 16.5/ 17.75 immediate support and 27.75 a key long side. Avoid Trouble day

Since #EMWS 27.75 has broken, upside test of 2134 is triggered, as it should be $ES_F lock profits if long

#EMWS MATD buyers can keep a trailer if have one, but tighten stops advised by T1 2134.75 $ES_F

@Jersey_Drew Now moving a dynamic pivot. 2124 was previous bull bear line, Now #EMWS will focus on 2134 $ES_F staying aware of 39.25/42.75

#EMWS Flip a coin No country for old men $ES_F For thinking traders, Lady Luck plays a minor role in this business

The illusion the past two days is that Red sends us into a tailspin and Blue is our salvation #EMWS Hallelujah!

#EMWS remember support ideas for retests in any sequence trades from Friday 2078 support Monday 2106 Today 2118.5 & 2124 bull/bear $ES_F

The system is the Solution- Michael Gerber in the E-Myth #EMWS Step by Step $ES_F Stay Humble, make educated guesses

Any new highs now are on the trailer gravy train #EMWS $ES_F Master of the House

I dreamed a dream #EMWS

Open minded traders and voters see both sides of the ideas, then make their own decisions #Beflexible #EMWS

#EMWS Shorts need to undo that 27.25/ 27.75 zone below 31 breakout retesting for any more good fortune $ES_F

DFD I think 10 RTH chart in play If bought 32/31 cover by 39.25 and up to u for keepers #EMWS $ES_F

@WatermanLXXIII 28 as the aggressive zone that needed to hold, so we flipped it around as support until broken. 50% 2131.25 held to the tic

If you’re playing this volatility, be disciplined. Wild evening ahead #EMWS