Dirty Dozen

All Thrusters Firing

Chatter Box

3:54 PM E 2825 to 2828.5 next resistance

8:32 AM yesterday E i am matching up 2712.5 low with the big 2812.5 pivot long side #EMWS target achieved and destroyed today “235 point pb , so can easily get 100 + points bounce in rally” ow.ly/no4p30mg6qP 2:32 E can hit 2812.5 target by EOD

extremes actions beget opposite reactions ow.ly/SGVV30mg2T4 #EMWS

1:33 E focus has been on support buying and rattling off next targets as each gets hit xxx 2806.25 target using 6/8 as resistance for scalp short if it busts it, just take stop if in long side, stops up to 97 or higher ow.ly/V8o430mg0kx retest is 2608.25

9:27 E can chase anytime with tight stop this is how u enter runaway days
as shorts add fuel to fire with stop eaters #EMWS

1:30 and if have patience of a saint, just move stop up on longs for 02/03.5 possible targets #EMWS anything goes day

Rabid Dog Day Squeezes are hard if try to call a top, but can protect profits if any ow.ly/AjNZ30mfSdD #EMWS Don’t make it about any one day, avoid damaging accounts. we had conservative traders sidelined for this open, looking to buy pb. Had to be a bot, agg and chase

8:43 E just feels like Boyz want to run stops on shorts for a squeeze so i will think defensively today 9:58 AM E 81.75 T1 today then 85/ 88 as next resistance targets 10:24 E and destined to next test 87.5

Broad range consolidation ow.ly/SRXi30mfCpC OTF monthlies are in control of the current plays #EMWS


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9:56 E jump the creek in all its glory

OTF Monthlies are in Control

9:35 AM E trapped shorts can be squeezed is the problem
still inside day for now, but Boyz will challenge 80 to 85 today
these opens will try your soul
because they appear to be too high to buy
bots dont think that way

11:09 E shorts can be squeezed until the cows come home today


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