batter up
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“Listen to me, George”.

I was watching my 9 year old grandson play baseball. His first at bat was a disappointing K, on a called toss that was clearly out of the strike zone.

To make matters worse, he hadn’t helped himself by swinging at a bad pitch.

He was now on deck again, and I almost resisted the temptation to say something. I have coached enough different sports at various levels to know you shouldn’t interfere with someone else’s players.

“You can’t put a good swing on a bad pitch” I told him gently. There are only three things I want you to think about when you’re at bat this time.

“Make sure its in the strike zone, a pitch you can hit.”

“We have worked on your hitting since you have been two years old. Use your level, line drive swing we have practiced.”

“Finish your swing, make sure the bat comes all the way around to your back when you’re done with your swing.”

Pitch one was above his eyes and he showed discipline, bat still lifeless on his shoulder.

The next pitch was a fastball down the middle. The crack of his bat sent the ball soaring into the left field gap, over the outfielder’s head. When the dust had settled, George had an ear to ear grin and was standing on third with an RBI triple. It was the start of a five run rally.

Thumbs up George.

This morning I took him to hit some golf balls, a chance to spend some more quality time with him while his dad was on business in California. A few good swings, some line drive type hits. He asked me how could he hit the ball higher.  “Let’s tee it up another half an inch”. BOOM. Another BOOM. Ear to Ear grin again.

We practiced some putting, rejoined the family for bagels and juice. He had to leave early, heading to a soccer game.

He is a natural athlete, and is being exposed to a number of sports until he settles into a few that give him the best edge to use his talents.

We played basketball yesterday, and I got hot and beat him at 21. Knocked down three in a row from the top of the key and that was that. Hey pretty soon I wont stand a chance against him, I need to teach him to accept losing gracefully while I can.


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I’ve thrown the pitch, your turn at bat. Forget all the noise and keep it simple: focus on what matters.

“Hey, batter-batter-batter, hey, batter-batter-batter-swing-batter! He can’t hit, and he can’t hit, and he can’t hit, and he can’t hit, swing batter!” -Ferris Bueller

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