The Emini wizaard System was all over the long side in our understanding of market dynamics.

Traders who took the recent DT4$2 course have continued to work together with E expanding their knowledge base of market dynamics.

The focus has been on how day trading fits inside the deeper OTF buy and sell zones, and this has been a free bonus as E continues to deliver more value for traders.

Zeek’s recent commentary is an added bonus for traders, and traders of all experience levels coming together in a live chat room is a great way to interact and further our skill levels.

Stay tuned for the next course coming soon.

If E runs a course in future… take it… will pay for itself in a month,

his level of dedication and integrity as a trading mentor, amazing,

you can take it the bank! Thanks for all your help E… TGIF 🎉



Twitter October 27, 2017


Thank You

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—– Today October 27th, 2017 —–
Zeek Snodgrass [8:24 AM] gm

[8:27] xxxxxx [8:28] gap fill is 61 with 61.5 today’s open


[8:28] we had a RDD down day. think we can have an RDD up day

[8:29] end of month bias is in full swing with major companies having excellent earnings reports


[8:29] 63 yest demon and may be today’s support if we are having RDD up

[8:29] 63.7-64 is xx [8:30] NQ making new highs are ES chops around[8:31] TSLA finding out the difficulties of manufacturing, cut parts orderers for model 3 by 40% and production from 5k to 3k per week[8:31] Q3 GDP 3%[8:31] blamed that on Trump’s regulatory unwind[8:34] testing 65 high from yesterday


eminiwizard[8:36 AM] good morning

[8:36] nice posts z [8:37] i think 62 is xx  support  [8:37] xxx


per [8:38 AM] Gm all, thanks Zeek and E

eminiwizard [8:39 AM] (58kB)

[8:39] visual of zeek’s xxx idea [8:40] and xxxx (42kB)


Zeek Snodgrass [8:43 AM] potential Nor’easter Sunday and Sunday night 2-4 inches of rain possible

[8:43] another new high for NQ


eminiwizard[8:43 AM] intraday chart xxxx

[8:44] using xxxxx


[8:45] pay attention to support in uptrends

Zeek Snodgrass [8:45 AM] I saw in the paper this morning that CT legislature passed a budget with a veto proof majority

[8:45] take that Dan


eminiwizard [8:45 AM] i didnt see

[8:45] will look for it[8:45] saw about the storm


Zeek Snodgrass [8:46 AM] wife just told me

eminiwizard[8:46 AM] wife told me last night

Zeek Snodgrass [8:46 AM] more interested in baseball

[8:46 AM] i said storms must be stalking me

[8:46] cigar day[8:46] 72.75[8:47] above 65 bears have no chance [8:47] selling dried up late [8:47] 55 knocked out stops [8:47] then bolted in low vol overnight


Zeek Snodgrass [8:48 AM] that is the boy’s typical blueprint

[8:48] nearing year end, not more losing week’s allowed


eminiwizard [8:48 AM] first sign of good news for shorts is getting xxx

[8:48] best chance early


Zeek Snodgrass [8:49 AM] typical Friday is swing lower by xxxxand then march higher into eod

[8:49] reverse wrecking ball


eminiwizard [8:49 AM] git er done

Zeek Snodgrass [8:49 AM] 10;30

[8:49] I am done by 11:30 on friday


eminiwizard[8:50 AM] ok

Zeek Snodgrass [8:50 AM] Europe has a big problem in Spain

eminiwizard[8:50 AM] i will likely be focused IB morning

Zeek Snodgrass [8:50 AM] may see some steel first actions this weekend

eminiwizard[8:50 AM] then do other things this afternoon

[8:52] i dont buy into the notion close eyes and buy


Zeek Snodgrass [8:52 AM] My daughter has skating lesson this afternoon

eminiwizard [8:52 AM] not same value at 68 as 42

[8:52] nice


Zeek Snodgrass [8:52 AM] I doubt I will be back in time to trade the close

[8:53] JCP earnings tells me retailer margins are being crushed[8:54] JCO bankruptcy candidate after Sears goes under


eminiwizard[9:13 AM] zoom

tradingsimon [10:26 AM] uploaded this image: image.png

Private Videos

Premarket reviewing ideas

81 Potential High today Late afternoon review


suspected the boyz might knock out both ends overnight range. mission accomplished DT4$2

Step by step how creative: the overnight squeeze by the Boyz. DT4$2 swing stop now at 62

T1 today is 2575.25 but we advised Traders to take profits if long at 2572.5 #ES_F keep it simple, buy support in an uptrend

42 low support called, swing stop now at 65 for longs #EMWS with profits taken, can play today now as day trade or just relax

DT4$2 stop 68 now moved up to 72 and advised aggressive day traders paid by 75.25 target

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire thanks Renato and #FF back at all of u

E: 11:34 AM paid for sure 75.25 stops now at 71 to 72 capture whenever if long no short advised right now but yes profit taking target 78

E: 11:34 AM then 82 /81 is t2 today 11:57 AM 82 resistance, 78 to 82 The Professional Edge

You Bet Simon, thank you !

Meet you at your locker. thank you 🙂

11:34 E: 81 is t2 today / time and price better make sure paid for weekly squaring DT4$2

Shorts were grilled like a stuck pig today “pay attention to support in uptrends” continues to work , stay humble

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital @SamanthaLaDuc / thank you and #FF back at all of you

Swinging for the Fences. Stay tuned for a new Trading course coming soon #S4TF


09:13:56 From Dennis Parmelee : good morning
09:16:35 From Dennis Parmelee : 64 is the gcf
09:16:44 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxxx
09:26:04 From Renato : GM ALL
09:28:13 From Dennis Parmelee : hi renato
09:28:24 From Dennis Parmelee : pfs by open if long
09:29:11 From Dennis Parmelee :xxxxrule
09:30:49 From Dennis Parmelee : 64 half gap
09:30:53 From Simon : big conflicts now, political vs earnings
09:31:25 From Dennis Parmelee : risk 2 make 2
09:31:34 From Dennis Parmelee : if playing for half gap
09:31:56 From Dennis Parmelee : it may not work but ts the odds play
09:32:14 From Dennis Parmelee : may need several tries
09:32:24 From Dennis Parmelee : blue line on 15
09:33:11 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
09:35:50 From Simon : not going to teach grandma to suck eggs (my countries saying). For those in US, what is happening right now in Europe in Spain, be aware, I expect DAX and EU markets to fall for the next few hours (obviously I can be wrong, No Predictions). This independence declaration of a region of 50% of Spains GDP is new ground FYI
09:36:32 From Simon : Imagine half of your countries value decided to be another country
09:36:34 From Zeek Snodgrass : ty Simon
09:38:25 From Zeek Snodgrass : consumer confidence at 10am
09:38:33 From Dennis Parmelee : pfs by 65 to 64
09:38:43 From Zeek Snodgrass : I am confident that this number is skewed
09:39:16 From Dennis Parmelee : read a lot about this simon in armstrongs blog
09:39:22 From Dennis Parmelee : thank u
09:41:28 From Zeek Snodgrass : 63.5 is rth demon
09:44:00 From Renato : lol
09:44:09 From Renato : any time.
09:44:54 From Renato : I know some guys from Chicago, they wanted US$ 50k to start talking!
09:46:08 From Simon : I know we trading ES. EUro currency crashing . tight stops. take profits and then reenter, actual vol (not the index) is here. NQ up 1% and DOW red tells the tale
09:46:31 From Renato : half gap perfect too,
09:46:56 From Zeek Snodgrass : xxx
09:47:41 From Zeek Snodgrass : go Charlie
09:51:12 From Dennis Parmelee : be happy dont worry
09:52:09 From Zeek Snodgrass : NQ running
09:52:11 From Dennis Parmelee : we dont need to know ultimate direction to take some profits out of the market
09:52:17 From Dennis Parmelee : we need an edge
09:52:24 From Zeek Snodgrass : only reason we are not trading xxx
09:52:24 From Dennis Parmelee : half gap trade was an edge
09:55:22 From Zeek Snodgrass : FANG shorts being squeezed
09:55:28 From Dennis Parmelee : xx is an edge, with 62 support
09:55:44 From Zeek Snodgrass : 10 am margin calls
09:56:07 From Simon : yes Zeek, accountants happy with results o/n
09:56:09 From Zeek Snodgrass : oil surging on EU news
09:56:43 From Simon : i’m confused, oil, EU?
09:58:55 From Dennis Parmelee : 75.25 is t1
09:59:07 From Dennis Parmelee : i prefer 72/73 as first
10:02:03 From Simon : lol, the 1 sec past the hour algo goes wild
10:02:51 From Dennis Parmelee :xxxx done
10:05:28 From Mike : darn 10mins too late getting back from meeting today
10:05:46 From Renato : nice call!
10:05:48 From Mike : nice xxx guys co
10:06:24 From Simon : stop Dennis
10:06:35 From Simon : please record for my sunday review
10:07:25 From Renato : 75-80?
10:07:36 From Mike : xx 82
10:08:02 From Simon : sorry was passing,, let me look
10:08:06 From Simon : give me 1 min
10:08:27 From Dennis Parmelee : cover by 72.5 is smart
10:08:43 From Dennis Parmelee : and rerminder agenda already done
10:08:48 From Simon : xx
10:09:01 From Dennis Parmelee : simon go to the head of the class
10:15:10 From Zeek Snodgrass : we have the wrecking ball trade setup
10:16:07 From Simon : any way to show a chart in here?
10:16:15 From Simon : sorry you recording
10:16:44 From Simon : no I meant
10:16:52 From Simon : sorry to ask Q about
10:17:02 From Simon : something else when you speak
10:17:07 From Simon : no screen view
10:17:11 From Simon : yes
10:17:36 From Simon : just meant, sorry to ask Q about something other than you talking about
10:17:43 From Simon : like sry to interrupt
10:17:59 From Simon : sry you on topic A and I ask about topic F
10:19:11 From Simon : I asked about charts as ES on important TL and wanted to share
10:19:43 From Simon : Dennis from 5th Oct to 18th Oct
10:19:57 From Simon : can it b/o again
10:20:21 From Simon : highs on those day
10:21:01 From Simon : my lows TL is 25th Spet to 19th Oct is also relevant today both touched today
10:21:36 From Simon : Highs on 5ht
10:21:54 From Zeek Snodgrass : Looks like Powel is new Fed Chairwoman
10:21:55 From Simon : 5th is high close
10:22:24 From Simon : yea high 5th to 18th/19th
10:22:42 From Simon : 2550
10:22:52 From Simon : to 2562
10:23:13 From Simon : no lower,,,, show the bbo
10:23:21 From Simon : extend tl
10:23:42 From Simon : see where we are today
10:23:56 From Simon : extend 5th to 18th to today
10:24:04 From Simon : yes
10:24:27 From Simon : and lows TL 25th Sept to 19th Oct to today
10:24:32 From Simon : yes do that one!
10:24:40 From Simon : read UP!
10:24:52 From Simon : lows 25th sept to 19th oct oto tday
10:25:40 From Simon : these two TL i’m saying have given us the over and under throw in the last 8 days
10:25:52 From Simon : month long wedge
10:27:07 From Simon : sorry, I’ve posted in slack now the lower line
10:29:09 From Zeek Snodgrass : All the piggies are happy this year
10:31:54 From Dennis Parmelee : so xxxx targets 2595.25
10:31:57 From Simon : NQ blow off top on my social media stream 😀
10:32:12 From Dennis Parmelee : xxx support for it
10:32:19 From Simon : one day is a top … sigh
10:32:50 From Dennis Parmelee : sound off while they using power tools right now
10:32:57 From Zeek Snodgrass : 69 is rth xxxxx  10:36:02 From Zeek Snodgrass : IWM still downon the day
10:38:30 From Dennis Parmelee : if u are buying highs to sell higher tight stop
10:38:40 From Dennis Parmelee : lock profits i like
10:38:52 From Dennis Parmelee : then decide if want to play again and when
10:39:52 From Dennis Parmelee : swing traders support now at 65
10:41:20 From Simon : rotation bak for old school dow to nq
10:41:20 From Zeek Snodgrass : that was fast trip toxxxxx
10:42:05 From Zeek Snodgrass : I wa thinking after 3pm maybe they want xx  plus 10
10:47:19 From Dennis Parmelee :xxxx
10:47:31 From Dennis Parmelee : dont get too aggressive
10:54:56 From Dennis Parmelee : seems like now the key is can the bulls just protect 67 xxxx
10:55:25 From Dennis Parmelee : 74.5 to75.25 next available target long
10:55:36 From Dennis Parmelee : from xxx support
10:56:25 From Dennis Parmelee : xx  targets 69.75 and 74.5
10:57:20 From Dennis Parmelee : xx trade is 72.75 to 76 xxx
11:03:28 From Dennis Parmelee : stop 68 for aggressive day trades
11:03:35 From Dennis Parmelee : long side
11:16:41 From Simon : thanks for sharing your trading view this week Dennis. Have a great weekend and best wishes to you, family and friends.
11:17:20 From Zeek Snodgrass : once 77.25 broken, trip to xx is moot
11:18:42 From Simon : and Zeek… more so to you too, great to have someone like you giving
11:21:24 From Zeek Snodgrass : yw simon
11:25:53 From Mike : E please show the xx chart again
11:26:38 From Mike : ninja
11:27:03 From Mike : yeah it would be great to have
11:27:18 From Renato : yep
11:27:28 From Mike : ninja script is very versatile
11:28:32 From Mike : yep that would be hugely helpful
11:29:22 From Mike : lol
11:30:04 From Zeek Snodgrass : everyone have a great weekend
11:31:12 From Dennis Parmelee : be well zeek
11:31:21 From Dennis Parmelee : paid for sure 75.25
11:31:52 From Dennis Parmelee : stops now at 71 to 72
11:32:01 From Dennis Parmelee : capture whenever
11:32:04 From Dennis Parmelee : if long
11:32:11 From Dennis Parmelee : no short advised right now
11:32:18 From Dennis Parmelee : but yes profit taking
11:32:40 From Dennis Parmelee : xxx
11:32:49 From Dennis Parmelee : then xx /82
11:32:55 From Dennis Parmelee : 81 is t2 today
11:33:08 From Dennis Parmelee : time for a walk
11:33:19 From Dennis Parmelee : this afternoon i will post a few times
11:33:29 From Dennis Parmelee : but work on a few projects
11:34:43 From Dennis Parmelee : From Me to Everyone: 10:57 AM
seems like now the key is can the bulls just protect 67 xxxxx

11:37:40 From Mike : i’m taking off guys thanks
11:39:12 From Dennis Parmelee : great weekend to all
11:39:23 From Renato : thank you, enjoy!
11:39:34 From Dennis Parmelee : i will leave this on a bit longer and then close after my walk
11:53:41 From Mike : thanks a lot E sorry i missed the morning had a project
11:53:44 From Mike : have a good weekend
11:57:26 From Dennis Parmelee : 82 resistance
11:57:38 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
11:57:46 From Dennis Parmelee : bye for now
12:09:19 From Per : Thanks E, great weekend all
12:48:16 From Dennis Parmelee : what a drive off the tee
12:48:25 From Dennis Parmelee :
12:53:23 From Dennis Parmelee : keep it simple
12:53:41 From Dennis Parmelee : resistance beginning of week 78 to 82
12:53:50 From Dennis Parmelee : now it has become a target
12:53:58 From Dennis Parmelee : xxx
12:54:12 From Dennis Parmelee : xxxx
12:54:15 From Dennis Parmelee : 🙂
13:44:57 From Dennis Parmelee : afternoon scalp shorts are for profit taking swing
13:45:12 From Dennis Parmelee : 72/73 support
13:45:34 From Dennis Parmelee : 73.75 first support below 76
13:49:15 From Dennis Parmelee : reminder xx completes nearby
13:50:27 From Dennis Parmelee : 2485
13:58:13 From Dennis Parmelee : shorts risky based on trap and squeeze
13:58:27 From Dennis Parmelee : later n day and highr the price better odds
13:58:35 From Dennis Parmelee : think after 230
14:06:39 From Dennis Parmelee : 120 chart
14:08:13 From Dennis Parmelee : any ??
14:08:31 From Dennis Parmelee : ask and I will respond shortly, but closing zoom shortly
14:40:29 From Dennis Parmelee : From Zeek Snodgrass to Everyone: 10:42 AM
that was fast trip xxxx
I wa thinking after 3pm maybe xxx plus 10

14:46:04 From Dennis Parmelee : nice weekend to all
14:46:13 From Dennis Parmelee : 80.75 hit
14:46:19 From Dennis Parmelee : target was 81
14:46:28 From Dennis Parmelee : T2
14:46:53 From Dennis Parmelee : 11:34 81 is t2 today

14:47:10 From Dennis Parmelee : gn all