Markets are NOT random.

Some veterans of the trading wars will blindly recite what they have read in the Holy Grail of textbooks, and claim an edge by using the current fashionable system.

That gives traders like me an even bigger edge.

My mindset:

Markets are manipulated, sequential, dynamic, and understandable.

As long as I am “reasonable”, there is an overwhelming opportunity to capture a portion of the day’s range.

Every day provides me a chance to accumulate capital.

Over time, the consistent approach and taking profits often and pyramiding or using more “leverage” is a way to beat the market.


For over five years, day after day The Emini wizard System has demonstrated an uncanny ability to locate low risk, reasonable reward trades. Day, swing, and position trading ideas are discussed.


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premarket today’s targets 77.75 to 78

Buy first pullback

Market testing higher

73.5 to 75 targets, assumed higher targets 77.75 /78 zone

The Open

Choppy Squeeze

Git ‘er done


My mindset is “We can take money out of the market almost every single day.”

What’s yours?


Step by step charts said alligator 1st of month bias up #EMWS $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: there are at least 30 unfilled gaps below. Boyz have brilliantly used Panama Canal #EMWS $ES_F

Thank You Boyz #EMWS $ES_F Surfin dudes Hang ten and ride the wave

7:28:07 am E: looking to buy pb one time Angel is 66.5#EMWS $ES_F

@Ancient_Warrior 2 year trend $GBPUSD

best odds we felt was squeeze into the #EMWS $ES_F

@tomandprisha one of the smartest traders I follow, and less than 1k followers. underfollowed #EMWS

A great read for newbies. Huntin’ for catfish

just got around to reading this one from ZH #EMWS step by step. got the Rock’s 2100 before that. #EMWS

Helps to see other points of view austrian school #EMWS

@Ancient_Warrior the hail Mary was thrown during the crash as that is all Keynesians know how to do. yesterday was git ‘er done day #EMWS

armstrong … monetary system #EMWScan always read and think while Boyz sit around and drink #JVteam on the field

@Ancient_Warrior currency wars and bots have changed the markets I think #EMWS

@Ancient_Warrior pace seems to be 480 chart for $GBPUSD mountain climber #EMWS

expecting consolidation chat #EMWS $ES_F MATD says scalp buy

E TV growing to the sky cover into #EMWS $ES_F MBO and Rabid Dog Day

Trend Day and a sequence #EMWS $ES_F no hype or BS

11:04 E: targets 69 to 72 NRO by EOD NRO = not ruled out stops up #EMWS $ES_F

edge to longs, aggressive play required $ES_F if this is not your style, dont play right now

shorts were advised cover into 52 to 51 … rain line #EMWS $ES_F

@dennismed1 plan today was buy pb, scalps were short against MATD and window dressing bias, 2 way day in narrow range #EMWS $ES_F

today played out as expected. slightly higher high than friday, back and fill with 48 agg support intact #EMWS$ES_F