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Position Trading

The Generals control the direction of the market. Position Traders have a longer time horizon and strategically play the current trend until it becomes obvious that a significant portion of profits accrued are eroding. Buy and Hold Strategy.

Swing Trading

Swing Traders capitalize on short term imbalances over a few days to several weeks maximum. Successful swing traders sense subtle shifts in momentum and Buy and Hold short term. Swing traders try to aggressively defend underlying  positions.

Day Trading

Nimble, and agile Day Traders capitalize on extremely short term imbalances intra-day, holding anywhere from minutes to hours, Range trading often leads to a directional trade. Hit and Run traders can usually find a reasonable opportunity for low risk, small reward plays.

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Today’s Sanitized Posts

Step by Step #EMWS profit taking for retest, move today’s squeeze pivot up or capture if swing or position player, day 3 of bounce

Trade dynamics posted in war room for #EMWS using 58/62 support for profit taking leg
6:57 E gunfight between 68/72 pfs if long #EMWS

7:14 69.75 magnet E so pfs there dynamics sanitized but this is an important chart for #EMWS

8:58 E primary fight for open 66 / 71.75 reasonable to close 1 or both IB unreasonable to close neither gaps 9:44 E bingo 5 rth a beauty for this set up paid by 65.5 if short

6:45 E cruel and unusual punishment for anyone long who didnt take profits by 85 #EMWS who would have thunk it to close 85 gap and 66 gap same day.? Holey Moley Market

10:21 E time and price capture profits if short by 52/50 #EMWS

Wrecking ball / umbrella trade right out of the criminal handbook #EMWS

Deli, I had the pleasure of meeting her about 12 years ago in Arizona. Very personable and smart. I still have 8 track set she gave me ! (traders who arent shaving yet saying what’s an 8 track?) synchronicity I think it was called. Love your work Anthony

If bought for the snapback, stops up at 62 retest , lock profits and celebrate Summer low is probably in and wac a mole now #EMWS

Risk and reward needs to be considered if we want to improve our trading results #EMWS complacent longs slaughtered , late shorts turn probably now by EOD. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… #EMWS

12:05 E 56.25 angel test if short pfs 56/55 perfect resist 5 rth #EMWS

lol Carolyn. I was in Scottsdale 2002, 2003, and 06 so it was one of those times. A big thanks for sharing your info so freely with me. A real pro.

12:43 E i think we need time to form desc triangle. if we break 64 then all done 12:45 E 63.5 bounce was absolute perfect xxx longs need 65.5 + and hold above. we have a 35 point day already so be conserv expecting too much more shorts idea #EMWS

who are you calling old???? watchit

Latest post: Sequence Trading #EMWS

Armstrong worth reading as always #EMWS No treasure in treasuries

12:45 E break low 46 next support target #EMWS

1:00 E any new lows are good fortune 2747.25 is top of …pipe 2:54 E timing any new lows now careful, we have trapped longs but the cavalry can show up anytime especially like a 1 or two point new low that traps turtles #EMWS DFD time for a swim

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