Surviving the Learning Curve

step by step

If you are considering a career in trading, allow me to introduce a few ideas.

Please, take a few moments to think about the direction you are heading.

Answer just one question…

Your life depends on it.


My experience is probably typical of many who attempt to unlock the secrets of the markets and make money quickly and easily…

Capital is flowing in on a regular basis from our job, our investments in real estate.

Life is good, life is easy. Let me apply my brain power to the stock market, I am at least as smart as those guys I see screaming and yelling on CNBC.

Whoa.. what happened to the market?

Those experts said buy Enron, hold it for life…

Forget about Aapl, no one uses it… Microsoft is where it’s at.

You know the rest…

What happened to my capital?


Markets fluctuate. Everyone has an opinion, even the shoe shine boy.


The reality is that we now have faster and better tools, but so do the “Boyz”.

HFT algorithms have changed the playing field.

So has financial engineering.


The pit traders of old are now gone, and a previously flourishing oasis is now a desert.

Some of them will try and pass along what they learned the hard way.

I have been in their chat rooms and watched them; they are selling buggy whips to the airplane generation.

Data vendors will convince you of the need for extensive “backtesting” before risking your money.

Meanwhile, markets have changed. By the time you backtest, your strategies are obsolete.


My premise: Keep it Simple.


Re-inventing the wheel is unnecessary.

The markets have a “language” all their own. Once you grasp “market structure”, you can apply it to any financial vehicle. A few clicks on a chart or two, type a  few numbers into a spreadsheet. We can generate a plan, in advance, of “where any market is likely to go” today or the next few days. Longer time frames, like a week, a month, a year?

Why not. You control the time horizon and the power of compounding as your time, capital, and level of interest allows.


My experience as a home builder helped me conceptualize what a finished home would look like after I went through the Step by Step process. From the ground up, there is a chain of events, a syntax. The Critical Path Method can also be applied to trading and investing.

This is what I call sequence trading, and it will allow you to participate in the markets effectively in as little as one hour a day.


I believe you can utilize your life experiences as well by migrating to a style all your own.


Have you considered what your life is like being a trader?

Can you afford to sit in front of a computer all day long?

Do you want to?

For how long? 2 years,get rich, retire?

5 years? 10?


The currency of the new rich is TIME and MONEY.

Better throw HEALTH in there too.

What about leading a balanced life, interacting with others?


I am broadening the scope of my perspective to hopefully help people who want to use the markets as a means to an end.

To do that, less is more, and more is less.


Less time in front of the computer, less time managing every wiggle of the market.

More time for doing the things we want to do; less stress, frustration, and worry about adverse news events.


MARKETwizardz is my attempt to take the basic principles I have learned through 10,000+ hours of study and analysis, and allow common, every day people to take control over their financial future.


If 80% of the funds aren’t beating the S&P index, why pay them a 2 and 20% fee?


If a CD is currently yielding one per cent, are there alternatives for a “highest and best use” for at least part of our capital?


Many years ago I created a website to help my children. I wanted it to be simple, easy, and effective. The basic principles are timeless.

Since then, I have grown in my belief that there needs to be a balance between knowledge, risk and reward, action, results, lifestyle. Jim Rohn presented the ideas clearly so that I understood the importance of seeing the future before it gets here.


We will NEVER outgrow our need for cash flow. Plan for your future. We are living longer; we want to be able to enjoy our retirement years.

Getting up every day with a purpose, a meaning, an enjoyment of helping others is what drives me.  I don’t want to feel that I have grown old and useless.

I hope you can benefit from the tools that I will be making available to you to earn a living from home, no matter where that is.

When you can analyze a security as good or better than the “pro”, whether it is a stock, future, option, or ETF, you will feel in control of your destiny.

My goal continues to be to help others lead a life of joy.


The power of teamwork cannot be overemphasized in that process.

“When finished, what does my life look like?”

Thanks for listening, and best wishes in all that you do.