Secret Passages


Market guru Don Miller earned 1.65 million in one year.

When you do the math for his trading, he averaged 1 to 2 tics per contract…

Many professionals play that way… by scalping and throwing enough contracts against the flow… until it finally reverses and they are profitable. this is scaling in, no stops. Works 80% of the time maybe. The problem is those outliers, the 20% rabid dog days, kill you. He lost 90k in one day that year.

This is not a criticism of him;  It’s to illustrate that we all need to decide what works for us, balancing too tight vs too loose a stop, or no stop at all.

It is imperative that we have an uncle point relative to our capital; a stop loss that will not be violated.

Just out of sight, always around the corner, is the answer. The right tweaking of indicators, “the” answer, the holy grail.

Bernini designed a masterpiece of architecture , utilizing this principle.

The masters of the markets, the Illuminati, learned a lot from him.

Fortunately, we know where the passages are. The Emini wizard System will help you get to where you want to go.