Emini wizard System -Pride

Emini wizard System -Pride

Action makes the difference.

Not foolish action, but the kind that seizes opportunity.


@eminiwizard congrats on an amazing week OWNING $ES_F. One of the best weeks I’ve seen in a while. Many more I’m sure ahead for you sir. –

“@eminiwizard: 🙂 thank u … we guessed the correct trade logic … #EMWS// guessing didnt have nothing to do w/ it. Congrats again.

Dallas Texxas June 28, 2013  via Twitter

@eminiwizard thanks for all the posts. Great as always. So much to learn from the wiz. Leader by example. –TRADEnPERFORM June 28, 2013

RT @Skates: @eminiwizard great call last week on $SI_F targeting $18.50… / ty … seemed like logical retest #EMWS
– June 26, 2013

RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard great 2 see NQ chart / we do nq, gold silver crude etc aapl … easier to teach with one index though #EMWS  – June 28, 2013  via Twitter

The Emini wizard System blends a powerful combination of distinct entities that give us an edge:

  • Website, complete with tools, concepts, repeatable strategies, core methodologies, playbook
  • Spreadsheets that provide unique insights customizable for all markets

It’s for any size account that wants to day, swing, or position trade any asset class, including ETF’s, stocks, futures, and Options. Small accounts are encouraged to build on success, and become more aggressive as skills and discipline are demonstrated.

We teach market structure and timing, focused on the E-mini SP for clarity and simplicity.

Primary trade we thought this made sense #EMWS trap and squeeze game

Simple to complex strategies are taught, and trades are suggested as aggressive or conservative in nature.

Psychology is important to us: Fade emotions of fear and Greed, especially at extremes of standard deviations.


My goal is to help as many traders as possible.

Some traders have remarked to me privately they would love to have my system, but cannot afford it.

That’s a conundrum, but obviously they need it.

Pride cometh before a fall… and also holds back those who want to grow but won’t admit they could use some new ideas to help them be better traders and investors.

Powerful patterns like our Umbrella trade can be yours, allowing you to “own the market” as we did this week.


Use objective criteria, be an unemotional trader. Confidence, not the twin demons of fear or arrogance #EMWS


RT @eminiplayer: RT @GreatestQuotes: “If you think education is expensive try ignorance.” – Derek Bok #EMWS

RT @MrTopStep: A good man waits to die: South Africa waits after Mandela’s condition worsens / #EMWS

RT @marketHEIST:Our own @jsfalvo interviewed @eminiwizard on Wednesday. Great trading insights and wisdom coming your way soon/smart guy – JsFalvo / marketHEIST  6/28/13

Every day these people help us to reinforce our confidence @TradersAudio @MrTopStep @L2ST @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard Have a nice weekend!  – Verniman 6/28/13

We are traders, yes; but first we are human beings, deserving of respect and enjoyment of life.

@TRADEnPERFORM agreed “you can fool all of the people… idea” “None of us is as smart as all of us” – Jim Rohn #EMWS


Teamwork ! I am a coach… #EMWS


Decision Time

Amateur Hour

I teach “Closings and Openings can be interchangeable