Friends to Follow

Friends to Follow

Friends to Follow


Adapt or die.

I hope no one takes offense at this new approach I am going to try and use.

It makes sense to me for several reasons.

First, I believe in systems thinking: It is a key to accomplishing more. It is an efficient method to communicate relevant but redundant information.

Secondly, great traders I should mention, I often neglect out of my own myopia and forgetfulness.


There are several criteria I use to promote some one else.

The big three. Common sense ideas.

If I can’t trust you, why should anyone else?

If you aren’t excellent at what you do, why bother?

If you don’t care about me, most likely we are at a dead end. You probably wont care about my friends either.


There are some great traders who completely ignore my posts, even after four years of giving on twitter. Never once saying “thank you” for a retweet, indifferent. They don’t follow anyone, and act as if they are an island unto themselves. They take more than they give.

You won’t find them on my list.

Being old school, the sensationalism and F* bomb traders already come in with one strike against them.

“I just made xx points” doesn’t do it for me either.


These traders consistently rise above the crowd with their marketing approach. Many are teachers, explaining WHY they are looking for a specific trade idea. They communicate this clearly with their chosen methodology. They share charts and videos and timely information.

The give way more than they take.

Some are great entertainers and share great experiences that stretch our thinking.

Some are just “friends” and I enjoy conversing with them.

I follow many more than those who are on this list. Many people (not just traders) are worthy of sharing  ideas.

Please do not be offended if I have left you off the list. It is not meant to be exclusive but merely as a reasonable place to start finding quality traders to consider.


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