Mercenary Training

Are you too busy to learn how to trade and invest wisely?

We have had numerous requests from people who just don’t have the time to learn The Emini wizard system through a Trading Room under the expert guidance of E.

An On Demand product that will allow traders to learn these secrets at their own pace and convenience will soon be offered.

Embrace Paradox.

“Be a Mercenary” and “Be a Lover of the Market, not a fighter” are two sides of the same coin.

Use the Long Sword and the Roman Gladius to ensure victory. First learn how to cut with both swords, then teach others.

The Long Sword is for powerful sweeping strokes.

The Gladius is used for shorter jabbing strokes while in-fighting

The #EMWS System is accurate enough to allow us to use both

Follow these simple steps to become a Master Trader of The Emini wizard System.

1 Study the System

2 Train under pressure on a simulator

3 Theoretical Exam

4 When profitable for 2 weeks on a simulator, trade live

5 Profitable Live Trading for 4 weeks (Practical Exam)

6 Scale Up as account grows; scale down / take a break on losses

Follow these simple additional steps to become a Master Teacher of The Emini wizard System.

1 Certification (Pass Theoretical and Practical Exam)

2 License a Trading Instrument

3 Receive continued support and training