The Challenge

Being an expert in one financial vehicle is hard enough. Scattering our focus and attention in a multitude of directions leaves us a “jack of all trades, master of none”. How can we expand our knowledge to multiple markets worldwide?

The Solution

Why not teach passionate traders a system that works, and allow these traders to focus on a specific niche market? They can then share their expertise with each other, with the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

A Team of Experts


Profit Sharing with Eagles


Affiliate Sales

License $USD

Amazing Result

How It Works

REGISTER to be an Eagle

Choose the appropriate payment plan that works for you

IDENTIFY your Exclusive Financial Vehicle

The “EFV” will be licensed to only one Trader who will teach according to the Emini wizard System. You may choose only one EFV. First come, first served. If an EFV is already designated to someone, it is considered no longer available. Please choose another.

Minimum of Five Eagles Needed

Vultures through Eagles, at least 5 are needed to begin and run this program


Your EFV

E will assist you in converting The Emini wizard System to your EFV. New students may purchase the #EMWS for any EFV we have available. The licensee receives a 50% split for any #EMWS products keyed into your EFV. If a licensee chooses to run a Chat room service, they keep a 95% split.

First Year's License

Includes a minimum of six months training, and includes a one year license. The second year reflects a discount as shown


Secret Code

Bonus: Upon completion of the Year One Licensing fee and certification, The “Secret Code” spread sheets will be provided at a 50% discount for licensees that want them. Eagles who make the One time annual payment will get them for free


If you are currently running a chat room or membership site, Benchmark your current enrollment so you are assessed only for new growth attributable to participation as an Eagle.


If they have not already done so, all Eagles Club members will need to invest in The Emini wizard System to receive training

Practical Exam

Tape Reading is an Art. Licensees are expected to demonstrate competency in identifying support and resistance for Day, Swing, and Position Trading. A score of 75%+ on a Theoretical exam needs to be achieved to become certified. The exam may be taken as often as necessary to pass

Ongoing Education

Support will be provided through webinars, Video on Demand, emails, and tape reading the E-mini S and P



Licensees agree to share their #EMWS Day, Swing, and Position ideas with other Eagles who are active in the Network.

MARKETwizardz links

Links will be provided from The MARKETwizardz site to the licensee’s website. Licensees agree to continually update their spread sheets a minimum of once a day.


Interdisciplinary Education

If you are proficient in Elliot wave, Market Profile, Volume Profile, etc, Licensees may teach other disciplines as well. The #EMWS is meant to enhance and offer additional insights. No one system has all the answers.



Licensees who develop Apps for the Emini wizard System may market them to other Licensees and Students of the system, and retain 95% of the profits with a 5% Royalty to MARKETwizardz

  • #EMWS Product Sales 50%
  • Your Chat Room 95%
  • APPS you create 95%
  • Fee to learn from other #EMWS Licensees 0%

Licensees Profit Sharing Plan

When you become a member of the Eagles, you will join others around the globe in creating a team of sophisticated traders. We can Leverage off our own unique insights and the efforts of others. Win-Win at it’s best.

I'm in !