Swing Trader Special


This course offering is designed for those traders and investors who want a longer time frame than just intraday day trading. The focus is on seeing the larger picture, and understanding where the “Generals” (The big Boyz who move the market) are likely to challenge support and resistance.

This course includes E’s proprietary Balance of Power Spread sheet, one of The Emini wizard Systems most powerful tools.

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The Swing Trader Special is now being offered as a course that will help traders who want to see a larger time horizon. Built around the BOP (Balance of Power) spreadsheet, E will show traders how to utilize the information to better understand market structure and where price is likely to move next.

Day, swing, and position traders will all benefit from this algorithmic tool which E developed as an invaluable part of The Emini wizard System.

Anyone who invests in the Swing Trader Special will receive these additional benefits:

  • Videos reviewing how the BOP fits into The Emini wizard System
  • A current BOP spread sheet with completed values for the E-mini S & P
  • Details on how to use this for other financial instruments of your choosing.
  • Access to E’s completed BOP for four weeks to see how he continually updates it to help him “read the tape.”
  • An End of Week (EOW) video that will capture the important information for trader’s to review at their convenience. This will be especially helpful for those unable to watch the markets closely during the week.
  • Traders wishing to enroll as an Eagle may deduct the $195 tuition off the system investment or Eagle Licensing Fee.

This program will provide interested traders who wish to consider becoming an Eagle with clear, objective reference points for current Day, Swing, and Position traders, and it’s been made affordable.

A minimum of five traders registered are needed to run this course. To take advantage of this outstanding value, register for The Swing Trader Special.

admin@eminiwizard.com will advise you as we get sufficient enrollment. The program will begin January 16 2017

Members in good standing who have already invested in The Emini wizard System are welcome to attend as a refresher course at no charge. Please let admin know of your interest so we can add you to the list.

Contact admin@eminiwizard.com for further details