The Eagles are Elite. Armed with the tools of the system, including the stand alone Secret Code spread sheets, you will have a huge edge in understanding how to apply The Emini wizard System to any Financial Vehicle.



The Eagles Club is intended for Commercial Applications and Entrepreneurs seeking a Business Opportunity.

Choosing the Eagles Club option requires an annual investment for training and licensing. This is the benchmark for the other members, with discounts for year two and beyond as shown. The first year will require a significant effort to train traders in The Emini wizard System methodologies. The other memberships will receive lesser discounts, reflecting the “Time Value of Money” concept.

Please select the Eagles Club investment option that best suits your needs and Register for your own unique MARKETwizardz EFV.

Important Notes: Minimum of five “Eagles” needed to begin the program. Can be any combination from vultures to Eagles. All participants must invest in the Emini wizard System before training can begin. Purchasers have read and agree to Terms of Service and Disclaimer.

Please make sure of your decision, as this is a non-refundable purchase.