Day Trading For Dollars


Sign up now for the Next Course beginning September 5 that will showcase some of the tools that Emini wizard System traders use to find high odds trades every day. The Emini wizard System relies on market structure, math and common sense and still works in the land of bots and algos.

Learn how to play with The Professional Edge.


Get The Professional Edge.


Thin as a razor, but The Professional Edge is likely the difference between our success and failure.

Book learning and studying with other traders is a great way to learn, but nothing beats a Mentor who will guide you and help you overcome common pitfalls.

Pit Traders are gone, and bots and algorithims devoid of human emotion now rule the trading world. Even many professional traders making the transition to the screens are still behind the curve.

E will share methodologies and strategies accumulated from his Twenty-five years experience in the markets.

We’re running a four week course starting September 5 that will teach simple but powerful ideas.

The focus will be on identifying the Primary trade and a few likely high odds rotations will be discussed every day.

The goal is to help traders see how to capture (on average) a minimum of Four Points a day using one to two contracts.

This methodology will be helpful for traders who want to reduce their risk and maximize their gains by analyzing a few basic strategies that occur with regularity.

For traders who are unable to be around the markets during Regular Trading Hours, the trade logic will be captured through charts, text, and videos and will be available for review at your convenience.

Context is everything and this course will teach:

  • How to guess the Opening Reversal Trade
  • How to play the Half gap and gap trade
  • How to take advantage of the Primary Trade
  • How to determine aggressive Support and Resistance
  • How to use Natural Pivots to create market structure
  • How to make educated guesses for trade logic rotations

Interested? Sign up, bring an Open Mind and discover a world of opportunity trading the E-mini S and P

This Popular Course is Educational and NOT E telling you “to take this trade you will make money”.

E will take your game to the next level no matter what system you are now using.