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wfjp Apr 28, 11:26pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard thank you for sharing your views and insights so generously!


shemesht Apr 27, 2:56am via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard @verniman @FuturesTrader71 @KymLang @Sandro_power @mertrades
Thank you for sharing your insights every day


TheFibDoctor Apr 22, 8:14am via Janetter
#FF These guys are a definite follow part II @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital


Intuitive_Power Apr 21, 1:03pm via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard Totally concur, another reason you’re one of my fav follows ๐Ÿ˜‰


AnthonyCrudele Apr 20, 10:52am via TweetDeck
Thank you @spz_trader Much appreciated! You & @eminiwizard are great guys & traders #FF

chriskahn Apr 18, 9:20pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard ty, love the wizards wisdoms!


pipsnticks Apr 18, 3:53pm via Twitter Web Client
and why YOU should follow @eminiwizard if ya trade $ES .. thanks

BidnAsk Apr 16, 4:33pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard @verniman @AnthonyCrudele you guys have great weekend. TY for your tweets and content. They’re extremely helpful!

tomandprisha Apr 15, 2:14pm via Twitter for iPad
@PivotBoss @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @RenaTrader @eminiwizard @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock Best of Best follows!


PivotBoss Apr 15, 2:09pm via TweetDeck
Great Follows #FF @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @verniman @RenaTrader @eminiwizard @tomandprisha @marketminute @SunriseTrader @Chicagostock


tmutoza Apr 13, 4:24am via Twitter Web Client
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Serious_Trader Apr 10, 9:45am via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard You have been a great inspiration Sir!

jdextras Apr 08, 10:00pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard You are doing a great job… I’m happy to follow you… ๐Ÿ™‚

waynelord2010 Apr 08, 9:18pm via Twitter for Android
Another good week. Thanks to @AnthonyCrudele @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @millerdon . Thank you for sharing your knowledge on Twitter!

Contrahour Apr 08, 9:11pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard love your stuff


RectorRe Apr 08, 8:14pm via Twitter for iPad
@eminiwizard thank you for sharing your knowledge.

JCL4280 Apr 08, 6:38pm via Twitter for Android
@eminiwizard I appreciate the insight and advice. Thanks E…

spz_trader Apr 08, 6:23pm via Twitter Web Client
One of the few good guys #FF @eminiwizard
E @eminiwizard
Leaving on a positive note, thanks to all of u who have supported my efforts the past 6.5 or so years. Doing my best $ES_F

canuk1 Apr 07, 12:02pm via Twitter Web Client
@dawson_Stock @FuturesTrader71 Dawson, why not join Stage5 for their room, or get help from @eminiwizard , Dennis is a great teacher


GeneralLinji Apr 06, 2:46pm via Twitter Web Client
Always appreciate your input, @eminiwizard.

LongTplexTrader Apr 02, 12:42pm via TweetDeck
@eminiwizard Amen Brother!

eminiwizard We can have a difference of opinion on market direction, methodologies, timing. Respect for others is still the common denominator #EMWS

spz_trader Apr 01, 4:00pm via Twitter Web Client
#FF @vader7x @AnthonyCrudele @ManOverMarket @eminiwizard Trade Spooz? these are your guys #Pros


AolAnders Apr 01, 3:36pm via Commun.it
Thanks @eminiwizard @owsi1968 for being top engaged community members this week ๐Ÿ™‚ (FREE Automation >> bit.ly/free_twitter_aโ€ฆ)

canuk1 Apr 01, 1:51pm via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard as usual. great posts by you E, always checking in!!


TheFibDoctor Apr 01, 9:35am via Janetter
#FF Best of the best Part II: @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital

TheFibDoctor Apr 01, 9:51am via Janetter
@eminiwizard You earned it E ! Have a great wknd ๐Ÿ™‚


options911 Mar 30, 1:28pm via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard thank you for sharing. noticed this as well. however didnt act!

pm1889 @eminiwizard I know.. Very wise words. Thanks
11:08am, Mar 30 from Twitter for BlackBerry


spz_trader Mar 29, 3:34pm via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard Well done! Great stuff today


MissTrade Mar 28, 12:43pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard i just can’t scalp as I don’t have your youthful stamina for the grind of day trading nor do most. You nail it D! I prefer less

spz_trader Mar 27, 5:19pm via TweetDeck
@eminiwizard One of the best #Finance quotes of all time

E @eminiwizard Give me a one-handed economist! All my economists say ”On the one hand? on the other.” Harry S. Truman ow.ly/ZYvw0 No 1 knows


urtrading Mar 25, 9:36pm via Twitter Web Client
“The #trading game is simple but not easy, though Twitter enthusiasts would have us think otherwise, especially in #hindsight.” @eminiwizard

Convertbond Mar 23, 9:17am via Twitter for iPhone
.@eminiwizard I’ll see you at the top

pipsnticks Mar 22, 12:11pm via Twitter Web Client
not forgetting @eminiwizard for the daily tweets – THANKs a lot !

E: Twitter at its best:Traders helping each other. People reaching out to offer condolences. No swagger, just connecting #EMWS

canuk1 Mar 21, 3:14pm via Twitter Web Client
@eminiwizard a great set of rules to drill into our trading logic.

E: ย 22 new rules and trade Ideas were added to the original Emini wizard system. These updates are available to #EMWS Members in good standing

2:40pm, Mar 21 from Hootsuite

splitnines Mar 17, 8:32pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard @dougby1 @PeterMDrake @essclpr @LongTplexTrader @shitrader @BEFREEinFL @pipsnticks @onefourdroopy you da man


BidnAsk Mar 17, 2:58pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard @verniman awesome day today!


TheFibDoctor Mar 16, 3:08pm via Janetter
@eminiwizard Smart man, your Dad ! From my ST profile: Stay humble or the market will humble you.

eminiwizard “Stay humble and let your bat do the talking” – words of wisdom from my Dad
3:07pm, Mar 16 from Hootsuite

50Pips Mar 16, 7:10am via TweetDeck
@eminiwizard thanks E. Hope all is good your end ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wishing you a great day ahead!

MissTrade Mar 14, 5:21pm via Twitter for iPhone
@eminiwizard just having fun with you brother , you kill it day trading
spz_trader Mar 14, 2:29pm via Twitter Web Client
Hey @CNBC @BloombergTV @TheStalwart why dont y’all interview real seasoned pros @PipCzar @vader7x @NicTrades @eminiwizard @AnthonyCrudele