Sequence Trading

Contact and seize opportunity.

Sequence Trading is a highly specialized skill allowing sophisticated traders the opportunity to maximize the range of the day.

It involves knowledge of timing and psychology, as well as so called “levels”.

Many traders cannot remain unemotional and analyze the intraday swings. Swing and Position Traders utilize the same analytical skills, but apply them at a broader level.

All styles are suitable for traders depending on our time available, capital, and time/profit horizons.


E teaches by constantly analyzing the evolving trade dynamics.



Lucky guess?

Maybe.  Pre market plans are one thing; making adjustments throughout the trading day another.

Day after day, imagine what precision trading like this can do for your organization.


The deeper your pockets, the more you can leverage E’s skills.

Watch and see.



Rotating higher.

Squeezing higher

Approaching time and price resistance.


Some spread sheets are kept private, as are the primary charts that visually bring the system together.

A few charts and text posts that were shared in the twitter community:

Tunnel vision

End of Day



Probing support


Targets previously Identified and reminders


Reversal acknowledged



There are many great systems out there.

This is one of them.