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“Markets turn on a Dime; most traders can’t, that’s why they lose.” – Jeff Cooper

Golf and Baseball are examples of slow sports. Markets can move fast, like basketball, soccer, and hockey with sudden shifts from offense to defense. The Emini wizard System blends Dynamic Pivots and common sense to obtain an edge in the market.

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Analyze like a Pro

Within five minutes determine with high odds where the market is likely to go next. Stay sidelines if you can’t.


Execute the trade

Place the trade, knowing logical multiple profit targets and pre-determined stop losses.

Manage with Confidence

The reality is some trades will work, some won’t. Why agonize over it?  Accept gifts when given, scratch trades that go against us.

The Emini wizard System Solves Problems

“If you think Education is expensive, try Ignorance.” -Derek Bok


Markets are simple, but not easy. We need an understanding of “how they work” before we risk our money. Then comes the challenging part: managing our emotions with discipline as trades are executed.


Markets are Complex
The Emini wizard simplifies analysis through the use of synergistic tools, strategies, and methodologies
People are Emotional
We teach traders to “Think like a Bot”. The Emini wizard System provides a focus on objective criteria, allowing us to use trade logic, educated guessing and intuition
Markets are Math Based
Math may be a four letter word, but our sophisticated algorithms easily allow our Users to see patterns and proportionate swings in multiple time frames. We call this “Finding the chart in play.”
Trading Takes Years of Study
E has created The Emini wizard System by studying markets for 22+ years. You can invest your time doing the same, or tap into his experience and shorten your Learning Curve. Be Mentored or Do it Yourself, either way it will cost you.
There is a Time Value of Money
“What is the Highest and Best use of my money?’ Only you can answer that.  The more you have, the better able we can help you make it grow, with reasonable and defined risk.
There is a Money Value of Time
What is your time worth? Why Day Trade if you can make more money at your “job”? The Emini wizard System allows us to Day Trade, Swing Trade, or Invest according to our unique needs.
Financial Literacy
We believe we need to take self-responsibility for our own financial education and results. “We are the captain of our ship, the Master of our Soul.”
We Need Money to Make Money
We believe it is important to “Accumulate Capital”. Active Traders try to take something out of the “swings” in the market. The use of well-timed Options can be used for leverage. We can also find a partner who has it and work together.
Risk vs Reward
All trades are not created equally. Some are “risk 2 make 2” in slow ranges (typically lunch, or when markets are waiting for important news events). Others may last for days or weeks depending on your trading style.The Emini wizard System allows us to determine IF, when, and How Much  to Trade. Logical targets, and trailer targets and stops are identified.
Finding Simplicity within Complexity
Think like Darvas and #kiss. Our unique “3 Box System” Identifies the Primary trade and logical contra moves based on support and resistance in multiple time frames.

The Eagles Club

Fly with E’s Eagles. Would you like to learn The Emini wizard System and teach others? Choose a payment plan that’s right for you. E will personally train the Eagles for 6 months in this unique approach to trading and investing. Upon completion you will be licensed to teach this system through any available security. Fees listed below are for 6 months training and 1 year licensing. Discounts as shown for licensing year two. Eagles must invest in The Emini wizard System to qualify for training.


$98/mo x 12
  • Access to E’s completed Spreadsheets
  • Day, Swing, Position Support & Resistance
  • Choose any available Security
  • Access to All Updates by Video on Demand
  • Standard Technical Support
  • 10% Discount on Eagles Annual License Fee Year Two
  • Bonus: Immediate access to Secret Code Files
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$257/qtr x 4
  • Access to E’s completed Spreadsheets
  • Day, Swing, Position Support & Resistance
  • Choose any available Security
  • Access to All Updates by Video on Demand
  • Standard Technical Support
  • 25% Discount on Eagles Annual License Fee Year Two
  • Bonus: Immediate access to Secret Code Files
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  • Access to E’s completed Spreadsheets
  • Day, Swing, Position Support & Resistance Training
  • Choose any available Security
  • Access to All Updates by Video on Demand
  • Premium Technical Support
  • 50% Discount on Eagles Annual License Fee Year Two
  • Bonus: Immediate access to Secret Code Files
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Don’t just take it from us, we let others do the talking!

$ES_F – Nobody and I mean NOBODY reads intraday moves better than these two cats

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” #FF These guys are a definite follow part II @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital “

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” Thank you @spz_trader Much appreciated! You & @eminiwizard are great guys & traders #FF “

Apr 20, 2016 10:52am via TweetDeck

Anthony Crudele

Beacon Trader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Eminiwizard and MARKETwizardz?

“E” is the sole proprietor of The Emini wizard System. He created it, and began teaching the system in 2009. The original Eminiwizard site contains blogs and posts and useful information for the general public.

A member’s site exists for those who invest in the system. Tools, spreadsheets, plays and patterns, theoretical concepts, charts, additional commentary are all available to clarify how to use the information. Trade logic is taught primarily through the E-mini S&P.

MARKETwizardz was created to expand the system. The vision is to place these incredible tools in the hands of a wider audience, and to be used in a much broader range of securities. Interested traders will be trained and licensed in a profit sharing plan.

I am not a Day Trader, will this work for me?

First we must say there is no guarantee it will work for you no matter what style of trading you do. The principles taught will give users a better chance of success whether they are day, swing, or position traders. The most committed and commercial interests will use a combination of all three methods.

Can I do this part-time?

Yes. It is suitable for full or part time use. The beauty of the system is it allows you to choose when and for how long you want to work. Trading is a means to an end. Get the results you want for the day and then move on and enjoy life.

Is this a "call service"?

Technically no. It is meant to be educational in nature, where traders and investors learn how to use the system. While E has continuously demonstrated in chat rooms and on twitter how effective the Emini wizard System is, Users need to make their own decisions about trades they take.

Does E run a chat room?

Currently No. He ran a chat room for six plus years, and is taking a break from those daily demands. He posts often on twitter to help others and demonstrate the ideas generated by The Emini wizard System. He is available for commercial interests and to teach courses in defined time frames. Occasionally E will offer a 30 day Power workshop if enough students are interested.

Need more Information?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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