Just Sayin’

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’

Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

GICfutures: @eminiwizard   One of the most reliable and consistent traders (Leader) and services out there right here #EMWS

GICfutures: #EMWS Just saying ——FACTs

GICfutures: #EMWS Im sure many will agree – Twitter 3.20.13

Talvins: @eminiwizard What kind of wizard are you? 32 level you mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry was the low of the day! nice work…Cheers.-Twitter 3.20.13

Talvins: @eminiwizard Wow, great commentary. Cheers- Twitter 3.18.13

Glems111: I like @eminiwizard because he post great stuff and proven record, and no I am not a subscriber of his postings-  Twitter 3.15.13

@BamaTrader: Thanks, E – appreciate your stream and contributions. #FF @eminiwizard  – Twitter 3.15.13

Dean Pek: i still think we got the best system out there – 4.1.13

@PivotBoss: Traders to Follow #FF @marketminute @tomandprisha @MrTopStep @BamaTrader @RenaTrader @eminiwizard @vader7x @traderstewie @SunriseTrader- Twitter 3.15.13

@RenaTrader: ES great follows: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @BamaTrader @PivotBoss @benkotrader – Twitter 3.15.13

@t_Anderson90210: #FF Trading – Supreme Awesomeness: @fxtechtrader @Arnaudbaesa @Eminiwizard @StockTwits @ForexLizard @Happy_Pip @forex4noobs @cbennici – Twitter 3.15.13

@eminiplayer: RT @eminiwizard: #EMWS no crystal ball or Holy grails /// A wizard with no crystal ball? I don’t believe that 😀 – Twitter 3.12.13

@Costezcorp: @eminiwizard @vickdigitalspit my pleasure E. you are Good ! You know that right ? – Twitter 3.12.13

@SpiderTades :  People I learned from this week, @eminiwizard @verniman @FractalHIS < 3 great people on Twitter for learning intraday trading. – Twitter 4.5.13

@Verniman : $ES_F: Great people on twitter: @TradersAudio @MrTopStep @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @dsmtrader2 You can learn from all of them – Twitter 4.5.13

@tradetime99 : @eminiwizard comments like this are what make u a great trader,I have your comments taped all over my wall,thank u E – Twitter 4.10.13

I am humble and please don’t ever mistake these postings as being braggadocious…

RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard  @QQQQInvestment The closest thing to perfect is @eminiwizard//thanks Gene…many traders much better than me  – Twitter 4.10.13

E: winners help each other… teamwork is the key to enjoying the journey … thanks all for your posts on #EMWS $ES_F – Twitter 4.9.13

RT @eminiwizard: ” i keep saying who cares what direction as long as it is moving and we are in it the right way” #EMWS $ES_F // (Well said. -basilnsage) (Golden RT – fxseekin)   – Twitter 4.9.13

@TRADEnPERFORM : @eminiwizard ty for the follow. you do great work. Excellent follow for any trader. – Twitter 4.11.13

@ESFXRobo : These guys at #EWMS know their stuff on #ES > RT @eminiwizard : / 81.75 / 82 for beer money – Twitter 4.12.13

@Verniman: Every day these people help to reinforce confidence @TradersAudio @MrTopStep @TopstepTrader @L2ST @FuturesTrader71 @dsmtrader2 @eminiwizard


@eminiwizard congrats on an amazing week OWNING $ES_F. One of the best weeks I’ve seen in a while. Many more I’m sure ahead for you sir. –

@eminiwizard: thank u … we guessed the correct trade logic … #EMWS// guessing didnt have nothing to do w/ it. Congrats again.

Dallas Texxas June 28, 2013 via Twitter

@eminiwizard thanks for all the posts. Great as always. So much to learn from the wiz. Leader by example. -TRADEnPERFORM June 28, 2013

RT @Skates: @eminiwizard great call last week on $SI_F targeting $18.50… / ty … seemed like logical retest #EMWS
– June 26, 2013

RT @tradetime99: @eminiwizard great 2 see NQ chart / we do nq, gold silver crude etc aapl … easier to teach with one index though #EMWS – June 28, 2013 via Twitter

Guys my MUST FOLLOW, and I’ve said this before, is @eminiwizard. This gentleman is a true educator and value add. Fully endorsed.
Dallas Texxxas Twitter July 2 2013

@eminiwizard Don’t let the haters blot you out of twitter, you are the real deal and anyone that follows you knows the truth #FF #EMWS – @Krazytoo October 7, 2013

@eminiwizard the wizard and the emini in your name are perfectly correlated DP – everyone who follows S&P should be following you. – Rupinder_Sidhu  October 8, 2013

@eminiwizard wow, more like a tractor beam. nice call – ES_Junkie October 15, 2013

” learned so much so far in 4 days that head is spinning ” -G
“agree G..” – SS  in Trading room trial  October 17 2013

G../S.., best education is in this room -Jg11 (Member) October 17, 2013