Are you Ready to Rumble?

The Swing Trader Special beginning January 16 will focus on a minimum of a one to three day time horizon.

Three things you will need to do if you want to learn some of the basics in The Emini wizard System.

  • Bring a Mindset of DESIRE, BELIEF, and EXPECTANCY to create a profitable Trading business.
  • Have the courage and discipline to ACT on HIGH ODDS TRADES
  • Be willing to ACCEPT STOP OUTS as necessary

This is a business that allows us to Make OR Lose money quickly.

Leverage cuts both ways, and pyramiding (adding more contracts) as our position grows allows us to take advantage of the market moves when we are right. Scaling in and out is one methodology that can be used as your account grows. We advocate beginning with one or two contracts if you are starting out.

Test your emotional ability to handle the pressure in a simulator first, then move to live trading IF and When you think you are ready.

The goal is to consistently take profits out of the market. Singles and doubles we call this, meaning 2 points + and accumulate pieces of the swings.

The E-mini S & P is a beautiful vehicle to get and remain focused on for many reasons. Here is a nice article by Emini-watch about the many benefits of the Emini.

What Are Emini Futures? Why Trade Emini Futures?

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The value of this course is priceless to someone who learns and applies these principles over and over.


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Easy Listening

In the upcoming Swing Trader Special, E will be showcasing some of the important tools he uses to analyze the market. Listen to a recent interview with E by Anthony Crudele, sponsored by the CME Group and Trading Technologies.

Opportunity to Grow as a Trader

Traders will get a proprietary spread sheet E designed, and be shown how to construct charts using some of his popular settings. The tools and knowledge you will gain in this 30 day course will help you:

  • Consistently find low risk, high odds trades
  • Manage the trade, with partial and full logical profit targets and stops for day and swing trading
  • Choose when you want to trade and have more time to enjoy life

There has never been a better time to learn how to manage a portion of you money. This is your aggressive capital, money you don’t want to lose but can afford to if need be without sacrificing stability in your family.

This is seed capital you are using to see if trading makes sense for you.

Our objective is to find trades where we can risk two points ($100) to make it grow to $500 or even $1,000 +, and the sooner the better.

Hit and Run, with profits, then leave the market and wait for another trade set up.

You should have a minimum of $10,000 per contract to be comfortable. 20k to $25,000. minimum is even better. Using the methodologies we teach you can trade any vehicle: Stocks, futures, ETF’s, Options.

Playing multiple contracts is easier to scale in and out, so the bigger your account, the better your leverage factor.

Increase your contract size and adjust by adding one per every 10k in your trading account as it grows or you add to it.

This course will frame Swing trading inside Position trades and Day trade ideas.

Details are here.