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No gas so you went by dogsled ? Be well

Nice. Hey where’s the remote for the TV? Sitting in your living room and found the beer…

Thank you, I will try to remember

DT4$2 Traders follow the plan #ES_F 56.5 test

Even storms have been inflated…

DT4$2 convenient traders PFS by 62 if bought contra #ES_F

Good luck and be safe Danny

DT4$2 longs advised to cover into 66 on trailers or second entries #ES_F git ‘er done friday Sept contract

11:04 AM lock profits if long by 66 11:38 AM markets can turn on a dime do not get complacent #ES_F / shorts paid by 61, good fortune below

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital / thanks Dave and back at all of u & @PivotBoss

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @ATMcharts @hertcapital @eminiwizard @MarkArbeter @fabiancapital / Thanks Dave #FF for all and nice weekend

RT @SE1_Trading: FF @HamzeiAnalytics @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard @shenno #futures #trading $$ / #FF at all of you Malte and thank you

#ES_F magnet 59.25 is hit, stops down if short

3:20 stop 64 for shorts #ES_F longs using 59 support as magnet 59.25 #DT4$2

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / back at all of you Renato my friend #FF

#FF Shout out to @AnthonyCrudele @TraderSmarts @spz_trader @eminiplayer @krazytoo @50Pips @MrTopStep @GIR_MARKETS @MissTrade @verniman

I am honored to be working with some great traders learning the #EMWS system

#ES_F Thanks to all. Have a great weekend and we will see you after dealing with Aunt Irma. Z contract DT4$2

A Big Thanks To All

@RenaTrader @AnthonyCrudele @GIR_MARKETS @50Pips @verniman @krazytoo @MissTrade @TheFibDoctor @SE1_Trading @ObjexInMirror