Rollover and Options Expiration

Last week’s pattern

Stabilizing Pattern

The plunge last week ended at the psychological 2100 level, and the following few days were punctuated by a sharp slingshot back. Quad witching was then contained by a tightening action. Longer term, swing traders will do well to focus on the 98 support we advised, and the 94.25 support pivot behind it Upside I think shorts need to defend the 48 to 54 range to make this pattern more compelling.

Knights out on the Town

I was in good company surrounded by two of the savviest pros in the Trading Industry, Anthony Crudele and Fari Hamzei. When you enter the world of class acts, there is camaraderie and mutual respect rather than envy and jealousy. Such was my evening in Naples Florida Thursday evening with these two great guys.

Working off Thursday Night’s Excess

I find it important to help manage stress by staying active. Walking several times a day and swimming some laps is part of my routine. I love to roller blade with my wife; we went for a 45 minute ride today then hit the pool.

Trading fits into our life, not the other way around.

Just do it.


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