#EMWS Testing 2409.75 to 2411.5 targets possible next few days $ES_F

RT @krazytoo $ES_F $GC_F Premarket analysis and hypos for May 16 #ESF #GC_F #EMWS

#EMWS double toppers cover at gap, trailers only below $ES_F

#EMWS Important support today at 2393.75 to 2392.25 $ES_F

#EMWS 2399 to 2400 first key on bounces $ES_F

#EMWS 30 Globex also the chart in play $ES_F

#EMWS Soft range and make sure take something out of the day $ES_F time for a swim

#EMWS 78 next support for now. 2409.75 target put on hold after 92 broke $ES_F $ES_F

#EMWS Talked with a trader today about put protection after we looked at that 60 RTH chart back to mid April. $ES_F strange tempo lately

RT @AnthonyCrudele You crushed it Lisa!! Great having you on #FuturesRadio and I know that everyone will love hearing from you!! #OOTT

#EMWS Tunnel thru time $ES_F Night moves targ 79 hit 78 agg support

Thanks Lew We have become a banana republic and the media has played a huge role with their self-righteous agenda. Play these over reactions