#EMWS we got failure where it was expected yesterday, same ideas today $ES_F thinking small

#EMWS 15 Globex $ES_F a day late and dollar short from yesterday

#EMWS trail only below 2382 $ES_F stop 2378 for longs

#EMWS I like symmetry target hit at 2381 $ES_F make sure paid if short

#EMWS If longed for bounce must be paid by 86 to 87.75 $ES_F (88 support got beat) so theoretical resistance

#EMWS Primary trade is done, predictive chart $ES_F

#EMWS low is likely in for the day, support found/ Any re entries short think small and accept stop out $ES_F stop 92.25 for shorts

#EMWS shorts need to get price back under yesterday’s globex low 2387.5 or bounce not finished yet $ES_F much harder when both sides have $

RT @TheFibDoctor: #EMWS Accept that stop, it does happen and it protects you from yourself ! / words of wisdom from a pro , thanks Doc

#EMWS timing trade all longs paid by 92.5 to 93.75 $ES_F keep profits if any for the day

correctamundo… once momo starts, Boyz cant always get it but want to run stops on IB High. high odds get paid long I thought was by 90/92

#EMWS OTF I thought made sense $ES_F was thinking longs want to get paid prior to close for re entries short

it seems the Boyz keep the squeeze going when they protect yesterday’s low. Late shorts/ rentries get whacked that way. They reclaimed 88

thank you.. power came from 30 min RTH buyers but I thought IB High would contain it. Won’t get them all right.

market humbles us all as we know… thank you

Thank You

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