#EMWS If you believed in short side bounce to 46.75 was a great example of “let it come to u” $ES_F trend re entries lock profits play small

#EMWS Tunnel Vision on the 60’s $ES_F

The #EMWS road map is uncanny in it’s predictive ability $ES_F 32 support intact for now

Reminder short week. Shorts will look to book profits by the end of the day $ES_F 27.25 next lower support at Wt1

#EMWS Yesterday’s 48/52 resistance still key from the 120 chart $ES_F old school

#EMWS make sure paid if long first rotation by 38.25 half gap $ES_F

#EMWS Trailers past 41 $ES_F nice rabbit

Wrong way Charlie got hurt this morning #EMWS book profits by 46.25 $ES_F

#EMWS can start weekend early if got the regression trade $ES_F

thanks and back at you Robert

#EMWS regression bounce but longs need to continue or lose momo edge $ES_F be choosy if playing lock profits if any

#EMWS Perfect stall on the 15 minute Globex $ES_F weeklies booked profits early and hit as day trade 1 more time

#EMWS Target 36.25 must be paid if short and trail is all $ES_F

Risk reward time #EMWS keep 2339 resistance until broken $ES_F

reminder as posted 27.25 next lower support at Wt1 $ES_F stops down and manage trailers #EMWS hit and run if playing this afternoon

#EMWS updated 120 chart beautiful umbrella trade $ES_F

#EMWS RTH chart in play $ES_F shorts have had a good week protect profits , Z pattern

#EMWS T1 is 26.75 today and stop at 32 now if short $ES_F

#EMWS W T1 27.25 exit was right time and price $ES_F

#EMWS re entries short 32 stop get paid by 26/25.5 $ES_F

Thank you very much Dave, nice weekend to all

Predictive chart 15 minute Globex #EMWS step by step $ES_F

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