“It is destined”

Non-believers of the “bounce” are now coming to grips with the reality of this move.

Better late than never, but too little, too late. It will be interesting to see how inflexible traders who didn’t recognize the strength of this move will now discuss their strategy.


30 min chart 4:30 am buy zone time and price

30 globex cheerleaders now say I told you so…

Step by Step Emini wizard System

5 Globex as good as it gets

2 min RTH the Open

30 min chart in play 33.5 half gap support

5 globex 33 double

3/17 9:01 E: @dougby1 thanks and you as well Doug. Gap chart June contract closed 30 today ow.ly/ZDWUS $ES_F

3/17 11 pm E: Last look 15 min globex ow.ly/ZE3wg night all $ES_F

4:30 am E: 30 globex ow.ly/ZErdD $ES_F stops up PFS by 32 to 33.5 demon if bought seed capital

“good day traders also understand swing and position trading” ow.ly/ZET2d $ES_F 30 min chart

8:16 am E: Step by Step ow.ly/ZEUx0 conservative today 38, 40.25 wt2 , 43.5 as resistance targets #EMWS agg supp 30.25, 29.25, 26.25 pp

@ciscohitt Thanks cisco. PFS by yest high, good fortune above $ES_F Paid For Sure means stops up, capture something for risk taken #EMWS

5 Globex ow.ly/ZEXx3 2 way day $ES_F need position squaring by EOD

@TheFibDoctor lol driveway for side load garage but doors on the front. Same as I build ’em , saves on gas

@TheFibDoctor in my experience, “nope” when dealing with contractors and bureaucrats. Kid getting his bike out first noticed

Half Gap traders think small, Boyz love to squeeze $ES_F

Today Only Stopped Clock Special: 50% discount on white paper “How to make a killing shorting 1830, 1875, 1920, 1984, 2025, 2038” $ES_F
(My attempt to poke fun at all the gurus who wanted to short the daylights out of these bounces)

PFS by 33.5 if half gapper wont be easy $ES_F

Tight stop however (if) u play it today $ES_F risk/ reward tough

Paid on spikes today $ES_F

9:45 E: PFS 34.5/ 33.5 $ES_F if short

got your vig already? be choosy now $ES_F

Brokers get rich today #EMWS $ES_F never make it about any one trade or day

2 min RTH ow.ly/ZFbYn Hit and run if playing, R/R tough 33.5 half gap and 34.25 40 back need to go to break squeeze $ES_F

Primary Resistance today is 43.5 T1 Paid on spikes today dont get sloppy $ES_F wt2 is 40.25 ahead of it

@MrTopStep risk reward is the problem, buy support, paid near targets $ES_F

creates 2 way day as longs cover $ES_F

Trailers only past 40.25 if long $ES_F #EMWS

have a meeting. back later have fun guys and gals yest high as bull/bear $ES_F

Think like an algo, a robot and this business gets easier $ES_F

RT @RenaTrader: ES traders: #FF @eminiwizard @tradingpoints @PivotBoss @MarzBonfire / back at u Renato, thank u #FF

Next resistance targets if necessary: .61 fibo is 46.5, R1 is 47, and T2 today is 2049. #EMWS 36.75 important support ahead of 35

profit taking contra is all we know, and retest 37.75/ 36.75 welcome benchmark for shorts today $ES_F

bingo 35 if short more is good fortune $ES_F

half gap is 33.5 $ES_F

Trailers / re entries for half and gap $ES_F make sure paid 40.75 demon #EMWS nice game today

Best odds trades already done for long and short $ES_F

RT @eminiwizard: 5 Globex ow.ly/ZEXx3 2 way day $ES_F need position squaring by EOD // weeklies and daily traders 🙂

bust it $ES_F (washout the IB low)

Paid at half gap and the rest is up to the Boyz $ES_F

sidelines is ok if out of trailers $ES_F nice washout of Charlie who gets Religion too late #EMWS 32 is end of 456 ID

29.75 is angel and assumed support for profit taking $ES_F

@TraderMD lol no too rich for my blood $ES_F 🙂 I thought if we run up in am, get contra; if contra first, then buy dip. squeezers covered

RT @TheFibDoctor: #FF @RyanDetrick @andrewnyquist @OptiontradinIQ @KimbleCharting @snyder_karl @ATMcharts @hertcapital @e @MarkArbeter

@TheFibDoctor thanks Doc and back at u #FF

battle for closing may be 2037.75 $ES_F protect profits if any #EMWS

sequence trading anticipates high odds time & price profit taking intraday as well as at larger levels for swing and position traders $ES_F

30 Globex ow.ly/ZG0YD $ES_F op ex witches in control the past few days

No spaghetti 5 globex ow.ly/ZG1Za $ES_F visual trading

Thanks to old and new members who have stayed in touch. The past 4 weeks I have provided detailed info for all, hope its helped #EMWS $ES_F

From the criminal handbook page 21 “No honor among thieves” #EMWS risk small if playing $ES_F flat and ready for a swim

RT @eminiwizard: battle for closing may be 2037.75 $ES_F protect profits if any #EMWS // stay humble, think like an algo #anticipate

RT @TheFibDoctor: In the end, dust wins #EMWS Enjoy life while we can brother ow.ly/ZGn3a

4:30 a.m RT @eminiwizard: 30 globex ow.ly/ZErdD $ES_F stops up PFS by 32 to 33.5 demon if bought seed capital // today’s edge

pay attention to support in an uptrend and we have an edge #EMWS $ES_F nice weekend to all, thanks for sharing your talents and insights

@snyder_karl @Pdunawila @essclpr @seeitmarket @TradingPoet @BEFREEinFL @clayidus @ATMcharts @RyanDetrick @TraderMD @andrewnyquist thank u

@MarkArbeter @TheFibDoctor @jdextras @_Wij_ @JulienVerglas @MarzBonfire @RenaTrader @BrentRShelton @pm1889 thanks to all

@sewerpimp @pipsnticks @Notsilverfox67 @ciscohitt @fanky13ny @hertcapital best to all and thank you