High Net worth Individuals



X-Ray vision.


How would you like to have advance knowledge of market moves?

Not in hindsight, but before they happen?


If you have built a tidy fortune in business, congratulations.


I admire your business acumen.

Did that business have anything to do with Trading and Investing? If not, and you now desire to take a more active role in growing your estate, you may need to develop some new skills.

Are you tired of allowing Money Mangers to charge hefty fees for a “Herd” mentality?

Manager: “We were a little (fill in the blank: early, late, uncertain, etc.)


The larger your bank roll the better. Surviving the learning curve is important, as is having an uncle point.

We do not manage money for others. We teach you how to manage yours, or at least be able to question your manager’s insights.

A crash course is available for those in a hurry. Consider this education as cheap portfolio insurance.

“Take a small portion of your available capital and manage it aggressively.”

Private sessions are available and can be customized according to your schedule.

Allow E to show you how to analyze a market like the SP 500. Then apply your newly developed skills to other markets.

Please contact admin@eminiwizard.com with your specific needs.