Spread Sheets

Designed for your personal use, the following Google Spread sheets are available to help Professional and Retail Traders take your game to the next level. These are the same Spread sheets we use in The Emini wizard system.

Order the complete set or individually. Institutions and Commercial entities like hedge funds, Portfolio Managers or those who offer Newsletters, trading rooms and other market analysis for a fee please contact admin@eminiwizard.com with your specific needs.

Spreadsheets are a convenient way to view data and establish a game plan. In The Emini wizard System, a daily review of these pages keeps traders focused on the balance between short and longer term perspectives.

Many traders accept that we need to look at charts of various time frames. This is our interpretation of the Quant’s version of that premise, allowing traders to be totally aware of the important past, present and potential future prices of anything traded.

These Spread Sheets range from simple to complex. In the heat of the moment, simple is better. Avoiding chart clutter is a must to have a clear mind. Confused minds often miss opportunity because of a bombardment of too much stimuli; in short “paralysis by analysis”.

Instruction for using these tools will be done through 30 day support by email and or webinar/video.

By investing in any of our products, it is understood that you are also agreeing to our terms of service and disclaimer.  For those who don’t read the fine print, our terms of service includes a non-disclosure agreement.

Please make sure of your decision, as these are non-refundable purchases.


Traders GPS  $195.00

This is the Main page (TGPS) and  is our primary navigational tool. Multiple time frame analysis possible in a snap shot view. Values on this page automatically populate some of the back end pages of the system. This is the foundation for data analysis and the heart and soul  for analyzing any market.


Fibonacci Levels $95.00

Multiple time frames are calculated. Quickly see sequence targets. TGPS auto generated.


Flip Flop $195.00

Weekly and Daily targets plotted as Targets 1 and 2. This allows scale out targets and logical add on contract locations. Equally important, these values often signal important reversal or inflection points.


Wizard Widget $195.00

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly levels dynamically calculated.  TGPS auto generated.


Day and Swing Trader’s Tool set

Balance of Power $195.00

This spread sheet calculates logical day trading algorithms and is also the swing traders best friend.

The premiere spread sheet for day traders. A simple, powerful tool for judging risk and reward.

The Primary Model is included and is a tool that trains our mind to see structure intuitively.

Bigger Picture Theoretical Models complete this tool set.


Murrey Math Calculator $195.00

One of the most powerful methods of calculating price movement in the market. Algorithm, formula and basic rules. TGPS auto generated.


Master Pivot System $195.00

The Secret Code of the Illuminati

This system explains how the DNA of the market establishes support and resistance at logical levels. The Market Structure is already known, allowing traders to anticipate reaction levels well in advance. Many studies predict market prices by past reaction areas. With this tool, we already know those levels.

Discover Harmony in the markets by understanding where the market is likely to “visit” a level +/- often chopping while making a decision for impulse or regression.


DNA Box Profile of the Market $95.00

Quickly visualize next Steps from any location in your market.


PG Awareness $75.00

Simple tool to create awareness of seller and buyer relative strength. Powerful in the hands of traders who apply it in multiple dimensions.

Swing pivot calculator is also included.


Pivot Calculator $75.00

Floor Pivots and how we add a twist on this. TGPS auto generated.


Combo System $95.00

Nothing beats the simplicity of this model.

Hands down, the simplicity of these two spread sheets to teach logical systems thinking is elegant and a perfect place for beginners to start.


All of the above Spread Sheets sold separately: $1605.

EMWS Spread Sheets


Best Value as a complete package, only $995.00


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New Products


Universal DNA Model $250.00

A Step by Step model for any market. Shows the relative position for any stock, ETF, or Futures Market. Identify Major and Minor support and resistance Targets with your favorite market.


Multiple Markets $195.00

This is a widget page that will allow you to keep track of  multiple markets. Values can be triggered from data entered on another page or from this page.


ABCD Widget $150.00

Perhaps one of the most versatile tools ever conceived and developed by Emini wizard. Once you understand the simplicity and application of this amazing algorithm, you will be building your own models off this spread sheet.