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||Be neither a Bull nor a Bear, but a seeker of the Truth|| - Alexander Elder


“Be neither a Bull nor a Bear, but a seeker of the Truth.” – Alexander Elder
A Closer Look

The Professional Edge

“The System is the Solution”

– Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth


Markets are valued by Price in many time frames


Experience helps teach us major, repeatable patterns


Money seeks the highest and best use of time


Head fakes, mind games, and risk/reward are part of this business


Markets ebb and flow. Determine where the current edges to do business are likely located


Theoretical concepts are important, but execution, discipline, and trade management are everything

Analyzing Markets has never been so simple.

 (But not easy)

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Last Course for 2017 begins November 6

Day Trading For Dollars 3

DT4$3 has ended

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“Can not thank you enough for all you have taught and shown us!!!

Now it is time to use that knowledge and the ability to think for ourselves

and see how we progress the knowledge you have shared!

Still have lots of videos to watch and notes to take! Thank you! “


  xxx December 10, 2017

Adapt or Die.

“What is the Highest and Best use of Our Time and Money while minimizing Risk?”


Educating full and part-time Mom and Pops and High Net Worth Individual traders and small family businesses.

Commercial Interests

Providing Financial Advisors and Brokers with better tools and understanding of markets


Informing Institutional and Big Money how to grow their client’s assets with a better R.O.I. while minimizing risk exposure

March 9 2009

The Beast

December 4 2017

All Time High

Join our Team

Help us build and deliver The Emini wizard System

of Products and Services worldwide

Information Technology

Infrastructure: website developers, information delivery systems, webinars, chat rooms, video on demand, and effective communication channels. Maintain security and vulnerability

Educators and Coaches

Train and teach the system to traders. License instructors to teach traders, investors, and institutional interests to apply the Emini wizard System to any security

System Development

Continue to refine The Emini wizard System. Develop apps to automate the system from spread sheets directly to charts, making the system more User friendly.


Develop and create symbiotic relationships and strategic alliances with partners.


Develop an automated International marketing and distribution system, including social media, relationship sales, and affiliate marketing.


Monitor feedback on how we can offer more value, better enable users to manage risk and reward to become more successful

Keep It Simple

“We are looking for the simplicity of complexity” – Robert Langdon

The Da Vinci Code



The Emini wizard System

Humble Student of Angels and Demons #EMWS


Day Trading

Agile and nimble traders who buy and sell securities intraday based on short term edges in the markets

Swing Trading

A trading style attempting to capture gains in the markets within one to four days, using technical analysis to align with short-term price momentum. These traders are more interested in price trends and patterns rather than fundamental or intrinsic values

Position Trading

“Buy and Hold”: Trying to profit with the current primary trend rather than the short-term fluctuations occurring in smaller time frames

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